Wen-yi Lee is a writer of speculative fiction born and raised in Singapore. She likes angry girls, feral nature, ghosts, and yearning. She is currently languishing in novel revisions, but some short online highlights:

— “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Guide to Pulau Belakang Mati”: flash fic, war trauma (specifically the sook ching massacre), ghosts on beaches

— Hundred-Handed One”: ocean body slipstream strangeness, anti-shark finning, environmental themes or religious trauma? you decide.

— “Lady Macbeth, the pontianak, and the compelling power of the monstrous feminine”: essay on monstrous girls, girlboss queens and southeast asian female ghosts

— “Lay My Stomach On Your Scales”: tw eating disorders; a teenage girl who detaches her head from her body crosses paths with the pretty popular girl who steals body parts

— The 74th District”: bureaucracy’s next top model: necromancy

— Facechanger”: chinese daddy issues, inspired by bianlian (the art of facechanging) 

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monthly-ish thoughts about life and what I’m writing, reading, and watching at any given moment. craft and publishing tips hopefully.