short fiction


Laura Lau Will Drain You Dry“, Nightmare Magazine (forthcoming March 2023)

The Last Singapore Girls”, Reclamation: An Ecohorror Anthology (Outland Entertainment)

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What Becomes of Curious Minds“, Lightspeed (forthcoming)


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Hundred-Handed One“, Uncanny Magazine (Jan 2022)

First Strikes the Lightning“, Anathema Magazine (April 2022)

Love Heart Soup, Augur Magazine (May 2022)
> Recommended by Karen Burnham in Locus Magazine
> Recommended by Vanessa Fogg
> Reprinted by Paula Guran in The Year’s Best Fantasy, Vol 2

Lady Macbeth, the Pontianak, and the compelling power of the monstrous feminine“, Tordotcom (essay, June 2022)

Wok Lung Hei, Tree & Stone (June 2022)

Rooted, Reckoning (August 2022)

Lay My Stomach On Your Scales, Strange Horizons (September 2022)

Wife, Skin, Keeper, Slick“, Fish Eats Lion Redux (Epigram Books; November 2022)
> Reviewed in The Straits Times

That Is Their Tragedy“, Fright 1 (Epigram Books/Storytel; November 2022)

Icariana, Baffling Magazine (December 2022)


“Wildlife Encounter”, Strange Horizons (February 2021)

The 74th District”, Speculative City (April 2021)
> Featured by Alex Brown in Tor’s must-read speculative fiction for April 2021
> Recommended by Karen Burnham in Locus Magazine

Facechanger”, perhappened (October 2021)
> Nominated for Best Small Fictions

“pink dots & renegades”, Second Chance Lit (October 2021)

the water under the millennium bridge ripples white at night”, the winnow mag (November 2021)


Tales from the Spirit South”, Sword & Kettle Press (December 2020)

The Mirror of Longing”, Luna Station Quarterly (December 2020)