• 2022 roundup + awards eligibility post
    Okay, I finally dragged myself out of the twin hells and imposter syndrome and procrastination and decided to finally do an awards eligibility post. I had exactly one speculative short story published in 2021 (“The 74th District”, in Speculative City) — this year I have 7 short stories and 2 flashes, plus one essay! It’s … Read more
  • Conversations: We Do Stories To Escape And Also Confront Demons, with Sabrina Lunavong
    Fiction can be either escapist or intensely real and cathartic. It can be a getaway or a means by which to confront things that otherwise just build and tangle inside of you. Both can be equally important.
  • Conversations: On writing for yourself, with Jen Elrod
    No one can truly predict what sells, or sells well. I am a firm believer in writing books that speak to you and for you.
  • A Brief SEA Fantasy List
    I wrote this list to accompany this thread about SEA being underrepresented in SFF! Even as publishing diversifies and we see more interest in stories and worlds that draw from non-Anglo Western canon, the bars we see move are generally still commensurate with the cultures that have more global or American cultural capital/consciousness. Asian representation, … Read more
  • How I Got My Agent
    I’ve been writing for pretty much as long as I can remember. I started with self-insert fanfics and thinly veiled riffs on all my favourite shows and books, and then started writing original stories that I would pass around in notebooks to my classmates or email them new chapters like a subscription. My best friends … Read more