YA speculative/horror

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There’s a tangible shift in the world between Slater and everywhere else, but it’s something you don’t feel until you’ve been out and back again. A degree darker, a degree colder, the air a fraction thicker, as though the town is swallowed by shade. As though a pair of wings have folded themselves over the town, like it’s an egg just waiting to crack.

Art by @MiradellaArt


historical fantasy

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Seven years ago, the island had become a nation. And now on the cusp of the new decade it was shifting, turning, rearranging its pieces. It thrummed with an frenetic energy.

The city built like it was running out of time. Like it was preparing for a fight it was sure was coming. Its anxiety bled through its arteries, and in the heart of Chinatown, the fight finally arrived.

Art by @ink3rr



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